About Us

Medify Systems offers software solutions in four major sectors:

  • Telemedicine for Private Practice, clinics & hospitals
  • Clinic Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Patient EMR Management

Starting with Telemedicine, Medify will first offer a simple solution for Doctors to practice consultations from the comfort of their homes or clinics via an audio-video call with a unique interface.

Along with an audio-video enabled consultation room, the doctor will also have unique features like:

  • Creating an electronic medical prescription
  • Viewing patient’s medical records
  • Receive payment online

A simple interface enabling all of the above is Medify’s launch project with more aesthetics lined up in its upcoming future releases.

If you are a Doctor, then we assure you that Medify is your best choice of telemedical consult for:

  • Old and non-ambulant patients
  • Patients braving contagious diseases and are in isolation / quarantine
  • Injured patients who have movement difficulties or risks
  • Patients who need mere report reviews and not full consultations…….

The options are endless and so are your patient’s needs.

Medify is all set change the way you look at Healthcare. Now, are you ready?

Speak to our Customer Excellence team at 965 965 10 10 anytime and we will be happy to assist you with your way forward.